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52nd International Home Fair Opens This Tuesday

8. 3. 2013
Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (12 -17 March 2013)

With the slogan Key solutions, the 52nd International Home Fair presents 628 companies from 33 countries. This year’s fair is, continuing its recent years tradition, the fair with the largest area, expanding over 24,000 square metersof exhibition surfaces. In addition to all available halls plus two prefabricated halls, it is situated in the premises of the neighbouring Apel complex (ex-Slovenijales commercial centre). We want to especially emphasize free counselling for visitors, highlighting key solutions for economical, safe, enduring and sustainable building.

On Tuesday, 12 March 2013 at 1 PM, the fair will be opened by Mitja Bervar, president of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia. On this occasion we will grant the Green Mission Award for a product which is energetically economical and environmentally friendly throughout its life cycle; the prize is awarded by the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre together with the Furniture and Wood Processing Association of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Slovenia since 2010.

Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre invites its visitors to simultaneously purchase of the tickets for the Fair Home and the exhibition Da Vinci - The Genius thus saving 4 EUR. When they purchase both tickets they get a 5 EUR voucher for Tehniška založba Slovenije (Slovenian Technical Publishing House). Both tickets do not need to be used on the day of purchase.


HOME fair is an international fair of civil engineering where it is possible to see builders’ joinery, products for interior design, indoor and outdoor arrangements, equipment for heating and cooling, materials and products for building and products which technically protect, upgrade or refresh our homes. It reflects modern trends in the field of construction, energy use, energy systems, house technologies and accommodation in general. One of the distinctive components of these trends is also the environmental awareness of those who build and use building premises. These are the newly stressed guidelines of sustainable civil engineering and new green technologies.

The exhibition programme throughout halls:

  • HALL A1 / MESTNA HALL - builders’ joinery, garage doors, blinds, technical security
  • HALL A / KUPOLA - prefabricated houses, builders' joinery
  • HALL AV / AVLA  - insurance companies, blinds, builders' joinery, prefabricated houses, publishing, architectural counselling etc.
  • HALL GALLERY (AG) - catering business
  • PASSAGE A-A2 - media partners
  • HALL A2 / KOCKA - builders' joinery, Vila Bravum group
  • HALL B / MARMORNA HALL - air conditioning and heating technology, bathrooms and sanitary equipment
  • MARMORNA HALL FOYER (B2) - heating technology, stoves, sanitary equipment
  • STEBRNA HALL (Bk) - cooling and heating technique
  • HALL POVODNI MOŽ (Bz) - heating technology, waste-water treatment plants, tools
  • HALL C / STEKLENA HALL - roof coverings
  • HALL D / FONTANA - civil engineering, facades, paints, lacquers, fencing systems, publishing
  • HALL E / JURČEK - the fair reception, entrance
  • HALL S / SONET - furniture, staircases, smart houses
  • HALL G / GAZELA - lectures and counselling for the fair's visitors
  • HALL O / ODA - civil engineering, prefabricated houses, fireplaces, paints and lacquers, fencing systems, ironmongery work, stairs, floorings and wall coverings, parquets, laminates, arrangement accessories, waste-water treatment plants, heating and coolin
  • EXTERIOR (ZU) - fireplaces, stoves, chimneys, cement products, builders' joinery, swimming pools and technical equipment for pools, equipment for gardens and home surroundings, construction products and materials

Free counselling

Rich accompanying programme is prepared by Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK and Wood Processing and Furniture Association at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. Of the outmost importance is free counselling for the widest public where experts offer specific and pragmatic advice for energy saving, sustainable and environmentally friendly building, improvement of buildings etc. We therefore invite all interested public to the fair: not only those who are building and renovating or planning to do this in the near future but everyone who would like to benefit from free counselling and workshops, offered due to recession times.

Iztok Bricl, Msc, director of Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, pointed out, ‘The counsellors give practical and very concrete key solutions for renovation of old buildings, hydro-insulation and thermal protection of roofs and facades, for purchasing doors and windows, problems with damp and mould, for sustainable building and green public procurement, energy performance certificate of a building and various projects which promote energy performance of buildings, heating systems, improvement of earthquake resistance, purchasing of builders’ joinery, household appliances and on and on.’

The green mission

This year the Fair Home is, for the fourth time, awarding the Green Mission award.  Its fundamental purpose is to encourage both customers and manufacturers to ask themselves if their lives are sustainable enough.

The primary goal of the Green Mission award is to identify and recognize the products which are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly. With the concept of environmental friendliness we want to highlight the products which are in any way positively different from similar items ecologically, either with their technological characteristics or with introducing new solutions.

The evaluation committee chaired by Friderik Knez from the Slovenian Civil Engineering Institute has assessed the entire life cycle of each product - the use of natural resources, manufacturing process, the usage and decomposition of the product and finally the contribution of the company and the product to raising social awareness of environmental topics.

The product’s environmental acceptability is assessed according to the following parameters:

  • Indicators of its life-cycle
  • Indicators of its impact on society and life diversity
  • Indicators of its technical and environmental aspects regarding recycling and minimal wasting of natural resources.
This year for the first time we introduce a special category of products with a prevailing share of wood and / or wood materials because we want to promote wood as one of our rare strategic sources. At the same time we want to promote the wood-processing branch, to initiate searching for environmentally optimal solutions within wood and wood products. The prize will be awarded at the opening of the fair, on 12 March 2013 at 1 PM.


When buying their tickets the visitors get the fair's catalogue where it is possible to see the exhibition programme for each individual hall, the exhibitors of this year's fair and where they are located. In the catalogue there are a detailed programme accompanying the fair, the Green Mission award, and expert articles about specific problems in the field of civil engineering etc.

Entrance fees

€ 9.00 - regular tickets (adults)
€ 6.00 - discount tickets (children 7 - 16, school children, students, seniors)
Free entry - children under 7; the disabled with an attendant  

Simultaneous purchase of tickets for the Fair Home and the exhibition Da Vinci - The Genius

Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre invites its visitors to simultaneously purchase of the tickets for the Fair Home and the exhibition Da Vinci - The Genius thus saving 4 EUR. When they purchase both tickets they get a 5 EUR voucher for Tehniška založba Slovenije (Slovenian Technical Publishing House). Both tickets do not need to be used on the day of purchase.

From March 12 - 16 ticket offices will be open from 9:15 AM until 7 PM,
on March 17 from 9:15 AM until 5:30 PM.

Opening hours

12 - 16 March 2013: from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM
17 March 2013: from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Press centre

The press centre in Hall E (Jurček) is open from 9:15 AM to 7:00 PM throughout the fair except on the last day when it closes at 5:00 PM. Media representatives can obtain all current information about the fair as well as get an accreditation, if they have not already done that via the website of GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The fair on the web

The Home Fair 2013 is presented at www.home-fair.si



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