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Additional date for the safe implementation of the jubilee 60th DOM Fair

We would like to inform you that regarding the Covid-19 epidemic and  in the most responsible care for a healthy and safe environment at the 60th DOM International Construction Fair, we have planned a reserve term in addition to the original dates of the fair:

Term 1:   9 – 14 March 2021
Term 2: 11 – 16 May 2021

We are convinced that we will be able to build for you our largest fair, which attracts over 50,000 visitors every year, in one term or another. The offer in the field of construction – building materials, joinery, prefabricated houses, floor coverings, heating and cooling technology, etc. – and free advice from independent experts from the Eco Fund and the Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK will fill all available halls of the GR as well as new additional prefabricated ones. Our Home for your home! Thank you for your understanding. Keep following us and stay healthy!