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Solar Power Plants: Yes or No?

The Sun sends as much energy to Earth every hour as humanity uses in an entire year. So why not use it? We explain the pros and cons of installing a solar power plant, whether it is worth it, how much you can save and how long it will take you to recoup your investment.


Benefits of a solar power plant

  • Autonomy and self-sufficiency with a free energy source
  • Environmentally friendly as it does not produce greenhouse gases
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Quiet operation
  • Safe long-term investment

Disadvantages of a solar power plant

  • It can only produce energy during the day
  • Dependent on the weather and seasons, as electricity generation depends on the amount of solar radiation
  • High initial investment costs

The good news is that practically the whole of Slovenia is sufficiently sunny to be suitable for a solar power plant. The proverbially sunny Primorska region has only 15% more sunny days than the Slovenian average. The size, orientation and pitch of the roof are much more important in deciding whether a solar power plant pays off. It is also crucial that your roof can withstand the construction of solar panels and that there are no buildings, trees or other obstacles (chimneys, dormers, skylights) on it or nearby to cast a shadow.

When does it pay off to install a solar power plant?

Roofs oriented south, south-east or south-west, with a pitch of somewhere between 20 and 60 degrees, are most suitable. Even if your roof has a slightly lower or higher pitch, the installation still makes sense, you just need to allow for slightly higher losses.

What about the size of the roof?

A family of 4 uses around 5,000 kWh of electricity per year, and 1kW of power requires 6 to 7 m2 of surface area. In this case, a roof of over 35 m2 will be sufficient.

The more you pay for electricity, the more the installation pays off

A good approximation for the calculation is also the amount of your monthly electricity bill. If you pay between EUR 55 and EUR 65 per month for electricity, you need about 35 m2 of roof, but if your monthly bill is around EUR 80, about 50 m2 of roof will be enough.

When is it not worth installing a solar power plant?

Experts estimate that the investment is worth it for anyone who consumes more than 3000 kWh per year, or whose monthly electricity bill is EUR 40 or more.

How much will a solar power plant cost you?

The price of installing a solar power plant depends on the size of the solar power plant, the quality of solar modules and varies from one service provider to another. On average, you will need to invest between EUR 7,000 and EUR 12,000.

How much will your electricity bill be reduced and how long will it take to recoup your investment?

Your electricity bill will be reduced by 70% or more with a solar power plant, which means you will pay back your investment in less than 10 years.
And a year or so sooner if you get a subsidy or grant from the ECO Fund.

What about the warranty of a solar power plant?

The warranty on a solar power plant lasts between 10 and 15 years, depending on the provider. The lifetime of the plant can be up to 30 years.

What else do I need to know before I decide to go solar?

You should work with experts to set up your plant, each offer is tailor-made as each power plant is specific. When choosing a contractor, we advise you to pay attention to their references, the equipment they install and what they offer you after installation. Experience shows that those who get several offers also get a 10% better price.

Source: primerjam.si