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Accompanying programme of the Home Fair prepared by Building and Civil Engineering Institute (Gradbeni inštitut ZRMK)

18. 2. 2011
In the Gazela (G) hall in the 1st floor of the Slovenijales building, free-of-charge energy counselling for visitors will take place every day between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. In addition, free-of-charge counselling for visitors regarding new construction and reconstruction of buildings, and procedures related to retrofitting measures after natural disasters will also be offered. Counselling will be held by energy consultants of the ENSVET project (www.ensvet.si, contracting authority is Ministry of Economy, contractor is Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK) and experts from the Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK. Simultaneously, thematic expert lectures for visitors will take place on the exhibition area. Lecturers again include energy consultants of the ENSVET network and experts from the Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK, operating in the field of living environment, physics of construction and energy in buildings, in the field of retrofitting measures after natural disasters and within the framework of the project »Quality Mark in Civil Engineering«. A detailed list of lectures is published on the Fair webpage. The activities of the Eco Fund, Slovenian Environmental Public Fund, providing loans and subsidizations to environmentally friendly investments of natural and legal entities, will also be presented. In addition to thematic lectures, which will take place from Wednesday to Friday, Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK has prepared 3 short expert workshops from the field of: energy efficient construction and reconstruction of buildings, networking and expert training for issuing energy performance certificates and energy audits, and environmental and sustainable evaluation of buildings, taking LCA and LCC into account. International projects of the EIE ENFORCE programme are presented as well: Come2CoM, Clean Drive, ESOLi, BUY SMART, TABULA and also is the research project of the FP7 OPEN HOUSE in the field of development of sustainable construction indicators. A full-day expert workshop, organised as part of the Come2CoM project, on the subject of developing programmes and measures of sustainable energy policy of local communities within the framework of the Mayors’ Convention will take place on Thursday in the Urška hall. Experience from the previous Fairs indicates that the above-mentioned counselling and workshops attract considerable attention of the visitors. We kindly invite you to join them. You will find the right answer to your questions. 



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