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The 56th International Home Fair

7. 3. 2017

The 56th International Home Fair, is the largest specialized fair event in the field of building in Slovenia and the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre's far largest fair in relation to the exhibition space, number of exhibitors and visitors. This year it has filled the last square metre of the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre's premises i.e. 20,000 square meters of exhibition space in all existing halls and three prefabricated ones. At the Home Fair, 580 companies from 32 countries in the field of construction, joinery, heating and cooling technology, interior design, landscaping and environment preserving present themselves.

Companies' efforts for a modern, attractive and visitor-friendly presentation at the showrooms have been more and more obvious for the last years. This year, for the first time at the Home Fair, we want, together with a portal VseStoritve, present to the general public quality providers in the field of construction and to promote the best of them with special certificates. And we continue to promote the latest trends in sustainable construction with environmental awards The Certificate of Quality in Construction.

The accompanying program with over 120 expert lectures is very up to date and sustainable as well. The Accompanying program actually provides key solutions:  from the administrative authorizations, advice by architects and statics, energy renovation projects and the design, construction or renovation of traditional houses or passive to nearly zero energy buildings. Every year it is traditionally prepared by the Construction Institute of Civil Engineering (ZRMK) and the consultancy network ENSVET, and the Association of wood and furniture industry of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia. Among the events dedicated to the branch, it is worth mentioning the conference on the criteria of sustainable construction in Slovenia and the event on the challenges and technologies for buildings after 2020. The events have been organized by the Construction Institute of the ZRMK.

Visitors are always attracted to free advice regarding the construction, renovation and energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, the options of loans and co-financing, as well as environmentally friendly investments. For the last years, the fair has been visited by about 55,000 people.

A visit to the fair has for the last years, also been  stimulated by the discount tickets i.e. Happy Hour tickets. The Home Fair brings key solutions for every home and living environment, and this is on the basis,  that has for more than half a century been strengthening  ties between manufacturers, experts and visitors.

After the Home Fair, which ends on the 12th of March, on the 27th of March, after long 16 years, the door will open for the Motor Car Show with the latest trends and innovations of virtually all motor car brands.



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