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53rd international Home Fair

5. 3. 2014

53rd international Home Fair (11 – 16 March 2014), GR - Exhibition and Convention Centre

53rd international Home Fair (11 – 16 March 2014), GR - Exhibition and Convention Centre

Home Fair is the largest specialized international fair event in the area of construction in Slovenia and surrounding regions. This year, everything related to home, construction and builders' joinery, heating and cooling technologies, interior equipment, security and arranging the surroundings of a home is exhibited on 24,000 square meters of exhibition surface in all available halls, two additional prefabricated halls and exterior exhibition spaces. With the slogan 'Key Solutions', 585 companies from 33 countries present their products and services in accordance with the latest trends or novelties.

53rd Home Fair will be officially opened by Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Alenka Bratušek, MSc, on Tuesday, 11 March at 01:00 PM.

After Prime Minister, the guests will be greeted by Samo Hribar Milič, MSc, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, and Iztok Bricl, MSc, director of GR - Exhibition and Convention Centre. Mayor of the city municipality of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, will award the Quality Label in Construction. With this award, GR - Exhibition and Convention Centre, with the sponsor – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK and relevant ministries, stimulates the development of the profession and informs the buyers. As the organizer of the fair, GR also hosts various professional meetings, i.e. conferences, consultations, presentations etc. under its roof. In the six days of the fair, 130 lectures and four professional workshops, organized by ZRMK Institute, will take place at GR.  It is necessary to especially emphasize very popular independent and free professional consulting for citizens, which will be available every day from 10:00 / 12:00 AM to 06:00 PM. Consultants offer solutions about energetic in buildings and households, energy card, reconstruction of buildings after natural disasters such as floods, landslides and storms, sustainable buildings and many other civil engineering topics.

The exhibition programme of the 53rd Home Fair through hall

  • MESTNA HALL (A1) – builders’ joinery, garage doors, blinds, technical security
  • HALL KUPOLA (A) – builders’ joinery
  • HALL AVLA (AV) – insurance companies, publishing, catering, other
  • HALL GAZELA (G) – consulting
  • PREHOD (A-A2) – program solutions
  • HALL KOCKA (A2) – prefabricated houses, builders’ joinery, Vila Bravum group
  • MARMORNA HALL (B) – AC and heating technologies, bathrooms and plumbing equipment
  • PREDDVERJE MARMORNE DVORANE (B2) – heating technologies, stoves, plumbing equipment
  • STEBRNA HALL (BK) – cooling and heating technologies
  • HALL POVODNI MOŽ (BZ) – heating technologies, water treatment equipment, tools
  • STEKLENA HALL (C) – roofing
  • HALL FONTANA (D) – civil engineering, facades, paints, varnishes, fencing systems
  • HALL JURČEK (E) – fair reception, entrance
  • HALL SONET (S) – furniture
  • HALL GAZELA (G) – exhibition
  • HALL ODA (O) – smart houses, civil engineering, prefabricated houses, fireplaces, paints and varnishes, fencing systems, metal products, stairs, floorings and wall padding, parquets, laminates,  water treatment equipment, cooling and heating, the surroundings of homes, other
  • EXTERIOR SPACE – fireplaces, stoves, chimneys, cement products, builders’ joinery, pools and pool technology, garden equipment, items for arranging the surroundings of homes, building products and materials

Free independent consulting for visitors

Visitors can get individual professional, independent and free energy consulting by energy experts from the consulting network ENSVET and experts from Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK. At the same time lectures will be held in two separate rooms for lay audience and professionals. Lecturers will be energy consultants from the ENSVET network, experts from ZRMK Institute
and external professionals specialized in living environment, civil engineering physics and energy in buildings,  materials and constructions, traffic routes and infrastructure, and geotechnology and geology. There will be a presentation of the activities of Eko fund, Slovenian environmental public fund, focused on getting loans and co-financing of environmentally friendly investments for natural persons and legal entities. Free independent consultations take place every day from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

In addition to thematic lectures, from Tuesday to Friday there will be several professional lectures dealing with: sustainable building and design, energy efficiency of household appliances, energy efficient building and renovation of apartment buildings, buildings’ energy cards, networking and qualifying of professionals for composition of energy cards and energy surveys and environmental and sustainable evaluation of buildings, with the emphasis on green public tenders and LCA and LCC methods, low-energy buildings, improvement of earthquake resistance of buildings, and possibilities of financing in energetics.

Program for professional public

Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK organizes four professional workshops and two prize-givings at the fair:
  • Examples of measures in reconstruction of apartment buildings - AFTER,
  • Integral (energy) design of buildings - MaTrID,
  • How to achieve energy efficiency in public buildings - CEC 5,
  • Sustainable building for designers and investors,
  • Solemn granting of certificates for the qualifications of certifying sustainable building and acquisition of the title DGNB registered professional (DGNB RP) and
  • Solemn granting of the first E-seaP awards for sustainable energy management in correctional institutions.
  • Association of Wood Industry of Ljubljana and partners have prepared a professional lecture Certified Slovenian forests according to PEFC scheme and checking quality of the wood for heating.

The Quality Label in Construction 

At the formal opening of the fair, the Quality Label in Construction will be awarded. This is a non-compulsory environmental certification label and a product/service brand. It denotes products, devices, technologies and services in civil engineering in Slovenia which can meet high, professionally prepared and internationally comparable quality standards. The producer or contractor should ensure quality throughout development-technology process and strive for business excellence. Environmental, social and economic aspects are taken into account in evaluation.

The mission of the Quality Label in Construction (ZKG )is to promote striving for excellence and to increase quality and competitiveness of products, devices, technologies and services in civil engineering in Slovenia. Its final aim is to establish ZKG as a tool to inform and protect consumers, to improve the quality of products, devices, technologies and services and encourage research and development of new products.
Even 18 years ago, this unique certificate in construction in Slovenia took into account the standards / aspects of sustainable construction. The integrative quality it represents namely surpasses only technical requirements as directed by standards and regulations. From the client, buyer and user to a wider social environment, everybody should be satisfied with the use of awarded products and services. This is only possible when standards include the highest technical-technological requirements about a product / service, production or business system, installation and use, together with an established system of permanent development and improvements and an emphasized care for preserving the environment and the management of the entire life-cycle of a  product, device, or technology. A quality choice is therefore crucial for ensuring permanent functionality and satisfied user, as well as economical investment and environmental protection. With a right choice and installation / construction, the costs of use, maintenance and decomposition are reduced. Through this, the quality of built environment increases. The winners of ZKG label were selected by a special independent board chaired by graduated economist, Matej Koren, MSc. They will be granted at the official opening on the first day of the fair, by Zoran Janković, the mayor of the city municipality of Ljubljana.

The catalogue

At the purchase of the ticket, visitors get the fair catalogue with the information about the presentation of the exhibition programme throughout the halls, who are the exhibitors of this year's fair and where they are located. The catalogue also includes a detailed description of accompanying programme, the Quality Label in Construction, professional articles about specific topics in construction, etc.

The prices of tickets

€ 9.00 - regular ticke (adults)
€ 6.00 - ticket with discount (children from 7 to 16 years, secondary school and faculty students, pensioners)
Free entrance - children under 7 years and disabled persons on wheelchairs with their attendants

At the purchase of the ticket, visitors get the catalogue plus a dicount coupon for the exhibition Brain – the Inside Story, which will be hosted by GR - Exhibition and Convention Centre in collaboration with American Museum of Natural History from New York, USA, from 15 May to 24 August 2014 in Ljubljana.

Box offices will be open from 11 to 15 March 2014 from 9:15 AM to 7:00 PM, and on 16 March 2014 from 9:15 AM to 5:30 PM.

Opening hours

From 11 to 15 March 2014 from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM
On 16 March 2014 from 9:30 AM to 06:00 PM

Press Center

Press Center is located in 'Jurček' pavillion and is open from 9:15 AM to 07:00 PM throughout the fair, only on the last day it closes at 05:00 PM. Media representatives will bw provided with all relevant information about the fair. There they can accredit, if they haven't done so via GR web page.



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