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Quality Label in Construction

Quality Label in Construction 2016

After 20 years, the Quality Label in Construction is still the only Slovenian non-obligatory environmental certificate in construction. It labels products, services, appliances and technologies which fulfil the highest and internationally comparable quality standards.
The expert jury chaired by Miha Tomšič, M.Sc., and other members from the Construction Institute ZRMK wrote:
‘Company ARCONT IP from Gornja Radgona is one of the biggest producers of PVC and aluminium joinery, and installs windows and doors of its own production. Apart from modern installation technology known as “RAL installation”, they offer special models according to project characteristics and type of supporting structure. 

They use quality and certified materials and tools complying with contemporary professional standards. They keep records of their work cycle, equip their customers with installation instructions, and offer payable annual maintenance.  The company provides additional trainings and updating for its employees. It boasts with numerous references in Slovenia, Austria and Germany.’

‘Company SATLER okna in vrata from Slovenske Konjice installs PVC windows and doors from its own production, and also offers wooden and aluminium ones made to order. For many years, they have used the contemporary installation technology known as “RAL installation”. They comply with the instructions of their suppliers of profiles, sealants and fasteners. One of their strengths are solutions for thermal bridges and other details in building engineering physics. They use quality and certified materials and tools complying with contemporary professional standards. They keep records of their work cycle and maintain exemplary relationships with their customers. 

They provide regular trainings for their employees. Among their numerous references are single-family homes, multi-apartment buildings, business premises and public buildings in Slovenia, Austria and Germany.’
In the procedure of comparative assessment, both winners of the Quality Label in Construction had to prove that they comply with all principles and procedures of contemporary installation, assure satisfactory business process, have financially sound business, strive for preservation of environment and employees’ health, and are socially responsible.

Quality Label in Construction 2015

Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK developed a system for assessment of products, equipment, technologies and services with corresponding criteria sets already in 1996, which laid foundations for establishment of the Quality Label in Construction (ZKG). This is a voluntary green label and a trade mark for outstanding quality. In the following year the first assessment was performed for windows manufactured in Slovenia. Until now 161 Quality Labels in Construction have been awarded in 28 areas of assessment.
Quality Label in Construction is awarded to products, equipment, technologies and services that meet high, professionally prepared and internationally comparable specifications of quality. Additionally, suppliers of products and services shall implement a quality assurance system and work towards business excellence. Environmental, social and economic aspects are also reviewed in the assessment process.

Quality Label in Construction is awarded only to products, equipment, technologies and services that score a certain number of points in the process of assessment. The ZKG Awardee has the right to use the trade mark for the awarded products and services for a certain period of time. 

The mission of Quality Label in Construction is to promote striving for excellence and quality and to increase competitiveness of products and services in the area of construction industry in Slovenia. The aims are to establish the label as an instrument of consumer information and protection, to improve quality of products and services, and to encourage the research and development of new products.

As a unique of this kind in Slovenia, this label took into account the environmental aspects already 18 years ago. The comprehensive quality which it stands for means much more than meeting solely technical requirements prescribed by standards and regulations. Use of awarded products and services must be satisfying for all - investors, buyers, users and society at large. This is possible only when the criteria include the latest and highest requirements concerning products or service implementation, production or business system, installation and use along with an established system of continuous development and improvement, a highlighted concern for environmental protection, and management of the entire product life cycle. Costs of utilization, maintenance and decommissioning can be greatly reduced by proper selection of products and their correct installation. All this also raises the quality of the built environment in general.


The evaluation committee consist only of independent experts who are not in conjunction with applicants and feature extensive experience of managing development departments. 

In assesment of R&D achievments in technology the emphasis is on evaluating new developments of a product or device or technology improvements which is supported by a patent or other measurable evidence. 

As Quality Label in Construction is an optional environmental certification it focuses also on socio-economic social, economic and environmental aspects of assesment of a product, service, device or technology. 

In addition to the members of the commission the assesment procedure involves also experts-rapporteurs in the areas of finance, customers and investor satisfaction and investors as well as in the area of safety and health of employees.

The expert jury composed of the following members awarded Quality Label in Construction 2015

Mag. Miha Tomšič, univ. dipl. inž. grad.;
Deputy Head of Centre for Indoor Environmental, Building Physics and Energy at Building and Civil Enineering Institute ZRMK;
an expert in the fields of building physics, efficient use of energy in buildings, integral quality of indoor environment and sustainable construction
Doc. dr. Marjana Šijanec Zavrl, univ. dipl. inž. grad.;
Assistant to Management Board member for Research and Head of Centre for Indoor Environmental, Building Physics and Energy at Building and Civil Enineering Institute ZRMK;
an expert in the fields of low-energy and neary zero-energy buildings and renovation of buildings, building physics, LCC, LCA analysis and development of criteria for sustainable construction.
Tone Bohinc, univ. dipl. inž. les.; 
working for the company BO.CONSULTING; 
an expert in the fields of wooden doors and windows and wood processing, lecturer at vocational college, a longtime head of the development and production in wood processing industry.
Neva Jejčič, univ. dipl. inž. arh.;
Heat of the exhibition and consulting Filed in Building centre at Building and Civil Enineering Institute ZRMK;
an expert in the fields of  the windows and doors and renovation of buildings, Quality mark in construction - products and services, information, consulting and education in construction and renovation.



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